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Jacob was an energetic, fearless and curious child who never missed a thing.  He was the most loving and caring person.  Family meant everything to Jacob.  He had an unbreakable bond with his friends, which were all considered part of our family.  Jacob looked up to his Big Brother Cody always wanting to do what he was doing.  This is where his desire to play sports began.  In his younger years he did it all:  football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and even motor cross, earning a medal for his first race.  Once Jacob began high school he wrestled, played football and baseball.  He knew his passion was to play football.  It was on the field with his teammates or as he called them, his brothers, he loved the most.  Jacob played each game with enormous heart.  He learned hard work, dedication, respect, and perseverance and was very proud of the team he was part of.

Jacob was in his last week of 11th grade.  He and his friends spent the evening swimming, eating, laughing and enjoying the summer evening.  They left the house and on the way back home, Jacob left the road and struck a tree.  Jacob and two other friends were killed.  It was this moment that changed many lives forever.

To everyone that knew Jacob, he was a remarkable young man.  He always had a smile on his face, a kind word to say and a helping hand to lend.  Jacob's commitment to God guided the way he lived.  We can not think of a better gift as his parents than knowing Jacob was an inspiration to so many people.

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